What every Christian in the digital age ought to know

About the Author

David Clark was born and brought up in a missionary family working in France. A Bible-believing Christian since the age of fifteen, he is active in his local Evangelical and Reformed church in England, where he lives after spending a number of years in the USA.

He has worked with computer technologies for over thirty years, has a degree in Computer Science and Electronics, and has carried out postgraduate research into the uses of Artificial Intelligence in the design of silicon chips. He owns and runs a consulting company that carries out technology-related work for the UK and US governments.

He has published a number of technical papers at various conferences, ranging from the use of Artificial Intelligence to Risk Analysis. He has also served on the boards of Evangelical Times and Evangelical Press, as well as working in publishing in the Russian and Chinese languages. He is on the editorial committee for Christian Hymns.

He is married with two children and has recently become a grandfather.